Big League Chew

Big League Chew

1980 brought an awesome new kind of bubble gum to Little League and Knothole Baseball fields across the country. Big League Chew.

Throughout the 70’s our dugout chew of choice was either sunflower seeds, and Dubble Bubble (not bad choices by the way).

The very late 70’s brought Hubba Bubba, and Bubblicous, but Big League Chew won over the dugout once it was introduced in the early 80’s.

Big League Chew came in a tobacco like pouch, and was shredded to mimic the form of chewing tobacco. It gave us kids a chance to mimic our favorite ball players, without getting sick to the stomach and puking from the taste of real chew.

Amazingly, Big League Chew is still around today. So even all these decades later kids can enjoy a nice chew of gum, and pretend they are in the Big Leagues.

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