Burger Chef And Jeff

Burger Chef And Jeff

McDonald’s may wear the crown of fast food king, but for me Burger Chef will always be the top dog (closely followed by Burger Queen/Druthers).

While McDonald’s had the Hamburgler, Grimmace, and Ronald McDonald in their arsenal, I was always such a huge fan of Burger Chef & Jeff.

I remember as a kid going to a Burger Chef near Dayton, Ohio and getting what I thought was an actual autograph picture from Burger Chef and Jeff (like the one pictured above). I remember how exciting it was to meet them in person. Sadly I lost the autograph picture over the years.

I was pretty stoked when Hardees brought back the Super Chef sandwich a year or so for a limited time. It was a great tasting burger, but it didn’t have the same magic as it did in the 70’s.

What was your favorite fast food restaurant in the 70’s? Comment below.

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