Charlotte Rae Passes Away At 92

Charlotte Rae Passes Away At 92

Charlotte Rae Passes Away At 92

Mrs. Garrett has died. Charlotte Rae who is best known for playing the iconic Mrs. Edna Garrett on TV’s “The Fact Of Life” (after debuting on Diff’rent Strokes) has passed away at 92 years old.

THE FACTS OF LIFE, Mindy Cohn, Lisa Whelchel, Charlotte Rae, Nancy McKeon, Kim Fields, 1979-88.

Rae died at her home. According to reports she was diagnosed with cancer late last year.

Besides Facts of Life, and D’fferent Strokes the prolific actress made several appearances in Car 54 Where Are You, Sesame Street, The Love Boat and countless other movies and tv series.

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