Frank Avruch Passes Away At 89

Frank Avruch Passes Away At 89

Frank Avruch, TV’s Bozo The clown has passed away.

Frank Avruch, who was Bozo The Clown to millions of American children has died. While there were lots of local portrayals of bozo the clown, Frank was one of the most well known due to appearing in the nationally syndicated version of the show. Even though his run ended in the 1960’s, his performances lived on throughout the 70’s in reruns.

Frank died of heart disease according to a statement by his family. He was 89 years old.

Bozo was a popular character around our home, my brother owned a Bozo the Clown bank that we all were in awe of. It was a bright and colorful bank, and it always came up in toy swap conversations.

What was your favorite Frank Avruch, or Bozo The Clown memory? Comment below.

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