Pop Rocks And Space Dust

Pop Rocks And Space Dust

If you were born in the 1970’s you likely had some experience eating Pop Rocks or Space Dust candy. You also likely had an irrational fear of eating Pop Rocks and drinking Coca-Cola.

Many rumors circulated about kids’ stomachs exploding from mixing Pop Rocks or Space Dust with Coke, and more specifically it was said (inaccurately) that Mikey from the Life cereal advertisements had died from the sugary mixture.

As scary as that sounds, I think everyone I grew up with took the double dog dare and washed down a package of Pop Rocks or Space Dust with a chug of Coke at sometime or another. I remember the fear, and the relief after taking on such a dare and surviving.

Space Dust was my favorite of the two carbonated candies. If my memory is correct it was a lot sweeter and not as carbonated as Pop Rocks. At some point Space Dust started to be called Cosmic Candy. The rumor at the time was that Space Dust contained angel dust and was pulled off the market. While that was obviously not true, I suppose maybe the rumor of that ingredient caused the name change.

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