Sears Wishbook

Sears Wishbook

I think one of the most exciting times growing up in the 1970’s was when the Sears Wishbook would come in the mail.

The giant Sears catalog was filled with pictures of toys you had dreamed of, or had never even heard of that now you wanted.

Bicycles, electronics, action figures, video game consoles, just about anything you could imagine was inside.

Montgomery Ward also had a pretty cool Christmas catalog as well. We got our first home video game system, The Bally Arcade from a Montgomery Ward Christmas Catalog.

It was so much fun to look over and over at action figures from Transformers, Go Bots, Masters of the Universe, Micronauts, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and many more.


While we never got close to everything we wished for out of those catalogs, we didn’t mind. They were still such a blast to flip through and dream of.

Did you look forward to flipping through the Christmas catalogs? Comment below.

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