Stompers & Rough Riders

Stompers & Rough Riders

For most boys born in the 70’s, collecting cars mostly consisted of Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars.

By 1980 I had a pretty big collection of both, and most of my car buying toy budget went into buying those or the occasional model car. That was until about 1980 when Stompers came out.

When Stompers hit the scene it was a pretty awesome time. Almost everyone I knew had at least one, and some boys had dozens.

Shortly after Stompers hit the scene, Rough Riders also came out. Rough Riders to me were more like Hot Wheels  to Stompers Matchbox. Stompers had the more realistic look of the actual vehicle, and Rough Riders tended to be custom vehicles, or licensed cars like A-Team, and Knight Rider.

They both were pretty simple toys, a body, small motor, axle, foam or rubber wheels and a AA battery.

What was your favorite, Rough Riders or Stompers? Comment below.

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