The 1976 Chevy Nova

The 1976 Chevy Nova

1976 Chevy Nova

The first and only Chevy Nova I ever owned was a 1976 Chevy Nova.

I bought my Nova in 1993 for around $500. It was metallic flake emerald green with a faux hood scoop. The car was pretty cool except the guy who had it before me had painted a Pink Panther on the rear fender.

Besides the Pink Panther on the side it was a great looking ride. I had always been a fan of the Chevy Nova, and the 1976 Chevy Nova was as good as any to me.

While many Nova’s had big engines, mine had a 6 cylinder, which was fine by me.

The smaller motor probably saved me a ton of money on rear tires.

Were you a fan of the Chevy nova?

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