Welcome Back Kotter

Welcome Back Kotter

While other kids in school were dreaming of going to college and being a vet, astronaut, or doctor, I would always daydream about of going to high school in Brooklyn (4th largest city in America!) and being a sweathog.

While the sweat hogs still had to learn while in school they always had a lot of fun along the way.

They reminded me a lot of my friends and I growing up, while we might not have been the most popular kids in school we didn’t really care, we just wanted to have fun.

Gabe Kaplan as Mr. Kotter was the teacher you would have wanted (I had a couple that came close to Mr. Kotter). My favorite part of every episode was the cheesy joke he would tell to his wife Julie to end the show.

Vinnie Barbarino, Horshack, Freddie “Boom Boom” Washington, & Epstein. While it’s hard to pick a favorite sweathog, as a kid I think I always wanted to be Epstein. He was funny, and nobody ever really wanted to mess with him.

Did you want to be a sweathog in the 70’s? Comment below.

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