Burger Queen & Druther’s Restaurants

Burger Queen & Druther’s Restaurants

“I’d ruther go to Druther’s restaurant!”

The first fast food restaurant to come to my hometown in the1970’s was Burger Queen. While the movie Pulp Fiction will tell you a “Royale With Cheese” is what Europeans call a quarter pound burger with cheese, Burger Queen was calling their quarter pounder a Royal With Cheese right here in the U.S.  years before that movie came about.

It was pretty exciting to have a fast food restaurant in my hometown, besides burgers, they had shakes, chicken, fish, and hush puppies.

In the very early 80’s Burger Queen changed their name to Druther’s Restaurant. I was worried the food wouldn’t be the same, but in the end it was just a branding change. As far as I can remember it still had the great burgers, chicken, fish, hush puppies and salad bar they always had.

Many of the Druther’s restaurants kept the Queen Bee mascot on their signage.

The chain however created a new mascot to market to kids, his name was Andy Dandytale.

I don’t know how Andy caught on elsewhere, but I wasn’t very impressed. He was no Queen Bee, or Burger Chef and Jeff for that matter.

The parent company of Druther’s apparently decided to eventually switch all of their Druther’s over to Dairy Queen restaurants. Our local one closed shortly thereafter.

There is only one Druther’s known to still be standing and in operation. It’s located in Campbellsville, Kentucky. It too started out as a Burger Queen.

Someday I hope to make the trip down to check it out.

Did you ever eat at Druther’s Restaurant or Burger Queen?

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  1. There was one in my hometown LaFollette TN, a burger queen. Loved the place. The building is still there but has changed hands many times

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