Toys”R”Us & Children’s Palace

Toys”R”Us & Children’s Palace

With the news of Toys”R”Us likely closing it got me to thinking about buying toys in the 1970’s.

When I was a kid we primarily bought our toys at the local Ben Franklin, or the True Value Hardware toy attic.

Children’s Palace and Toys”R”Us

Sometime in the mid 70’s I first heard of Children’s Palace and Toys”R”Us, probably through an ad in a comic book. I lived in a rural area so I dreamed of checking them out but figured it would probably never happen.

Both stores had mascots, Children’s Palace had Peter Panda, and Toys”R”Us had Geoffrey The Giraffe. Peter Panda seemed like the cooler mascot to me.

I finally was able to visit one in when I was 7 or 8. It was a Children’s Palace near or in Dayton, Ohio. It exceeded my expectations. I believe I was given $5 to spend. While that was a lot of money at that time, it was hard to decide what I should purchase.

I remember loading up on coloring books and crayons, as the selection of coloring books was much better than in my small town. I don’t remember what books I got exactly. Though, I am pretty sure one was a Shogun Warrior coloring book.

A couple of years later I was finally able to visit a Toys”R”Us and it was every bit as amazing.  It’s a shame kids of today won’t get the same experiences.

What was your favorite toy store in the 70’s and 80’s?

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  1. Near or in Dayton, was most likely in Trotwood, right next to the Salem mall. It’s a bus station now, of all things!

    • I went by there as a kid but never got to go. I used to bowl in Trotwood as a kid, I heard the old bowling alley is gone now.

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